About John


I am just one man, one voice in the millions of others across the world.  Out of all the people in the world you are reading my blog, you must be really bored.   Below is a brief description of myself, my family, my interests.

My one and only goal in life is to point people into a relationship with the one true living God.  I love to work with students and see them “get it” when they allow God to work in their lives.  I believe with the right kind of relationship with students and the slow and steady diet of the truth of God’s word you can make average Christian teens into world-changing student leaders ready to influence their world for Jesus Christ.

I don’t like writing in paragraphs so you will have to deal with my bullets.  Don’t worry my blogs won’t use bullets.

  • I love my wife of 20 years and my awesome 3 children.
  • Student pastor for 20 years, with 3 great churches.
  • John 10:10 is a verse I try to live my life by.
  • I can’t spell my way out of a wet paper bag.
  • I become addicted to technology way to easily.
  • I don’t understand the love of vampire and zombie movies.
  • ADHD, perfect for youth ministry, thank you God.
  •  I majored in music education playing the cello only to be called into the ministry.
  • Masters of Divinity in Theological Studies from the largest Christian School in the world, Liberty University.
  • I collect Rubik’s cubes and love logic puzzles.
  • I can’t dance, and don’t even want to…
  • I love Sci-Fi TV and Movies!  Star Wars, StarGate, old school Buck Rogers, and Battle Star Galactaga.
  • Never watched an episode of  Pokémon, Captain Planet, or Power Rangers and YES, I’ve never seen Frozen!
  • I’m not a big fan of fiction books, just not for me.
  • I enjoy apologetics, but I will walk by faith and not by sight. Somethings in life I believe God keeps to himself.
  • I hate scary movies.  Laughing is much more fun!

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